3.1.13: Television, Media & Tragedy

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March 1, 2013 by rhsmassmedia

Pick a Tragedy:

Chardon Shooting

Sandyhook Shooting

Batman Shooting

Or one of your choice

Now, visit either the national or local website for each of the following Television News Agencies:

Fox (20 points)

ABC (20 points)

NBC (20 points)

While at each website document their coverage of your tragedy. Use the following questions to guide your work:

1. What is the news agency and is it local or a national website?

2. How much space is dedicated to the tragedy? Are there multiple pages, videos, news articles? When was the last time this information was updated? (5 points)

3. Does the news source provide multiple angles to the story? Are they showing information about those who were killed, the killer, the police reports? (5 points)

4. How personal does the information get? Does the news source approach this tragedy objectively or subjectively? Do they have opinion piece and articles or segments on how to cope with tragedy? (5 points)

5. What new piece of information did you learn from each news agency? (5 points)

You must turn this in before you leave today. Handwritten, neatly, and make sure that it makes sense.


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