12.12.12 End of the World Prophecies (20 points)

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December 12, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

1. Form a group. The class may not have more than 8 groups total.

2. Get a prophecy from McIntyre.

3. You will have less than ten minutes to acquire the following in regard to your prophecy:

 – Who was the leader of this prophecy and what is their background?

– What was their belief about how the world would end and why?

– How did they convey this message to the general public?

– How did the general public receive this prediction (did they laugh at it, become prepared, what sales increased due to this, etc.)?

– What was the aftermath of this prediction?

You will want to write this information down.

4. After the allotted research time you will be presenting your information to the class.

5. Your group will only receive full points if everyone is working and you present information for all 5 areas.


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