12.11.12: The Sitcom Race (15 points)

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December 10, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Part One: Ground Breaking Television.
This is a race. Since it is a race, the first group to submit the title of a show will get it.

1. Form 5 groups. No more. No less.

2. In your group, find a Ground Breaking Television Sitcom from the past 60 years of television.

3. Place the title and run dates (the beginning and ending year) on the smart board in one of the spots.

4. You will now have a limited amount of time to find reasons for its groundbreaking label. Think:
– What sets it apart from the other shows of that time period?
– What did it influence or create?
– Are the effects of this show still felt within network tv?
– What was taught or learned from this show?

5. When time is called, one member of your group must stand up front and present at least THREE valid and detailed reasons why your show was groundbreaking. You will want to:
– Present your title and run dates
– Summarize the content of the show
– Provide the stars names
– Present your three reasons with detail and definition of each

6. The winning group will be the group that proves that their show is the most groundbreaking of the lot.


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