Your Icon: 25 Points

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November 15, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

You are to take the information you have gathered on your icon and make a visual presentation for the class.

Your objective is to show why your icon is the true representative of icons. Make your icon the best icon it can be.

1. You will only have this period to do this.

2. You must use statistics and information you gathered from your research page (worth 15 points on its own).

3. You may use any platform you desire, but it must be printable before the end of the period. WE WILL PRINT THESE and SAVE THEM.

4. Suggestions of platforms: Power Point Slide, Publishers, Word Document (if you are desperate), (try it, it is cool) or any other method you see fit. REMEMBER… due before you leave this room, today. Or no credit.

5. Tomorrow, in 214R, we will have a judging. The strongest and the most creative will win a prize. Everyone who completes the assignment as stated will receive credit.


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