The Speeches…


November 7, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Post a reply or comment, to this post, declaring which speech was stronger and include your reasoning.

Obama Acceptance Speech

Romney’s Concession Speech


4 thoughts on “The Speeches…

  1. dradisek says:

    I belive that Obama’s Acceptance Speech is very strong. He had his family by his side, had a very good tone, and posture. “We are an American family,” its shows that he does care. He also states that the best is yet to come. He also says how he plans to work with Romney. He also bring up his wife, and thanks his family, and thanks everyone who deserves a sincere thanks. Its very traditional. He doesnt have a screen he is looking at, or papers he is looking at. He has his complete speech memorized, and it makes him look very good as our President.

  2. camerakid1 says:

    I believe that Obama’s speech was bett than Romney’s. I think that this is true because of the fact that Mitt Romney let his hurt pride affect the way he spoke.

  3. obama’s speech wasa realling strong speech because it wasnt just head on to the audience it tried to incorporate the entire audience in his speech. he thanked all of the people that helped and it hit the key points of what he thinks should happen

  4. angelalove23 says:

    Obamas speech was better. he always knows what to say and a very good puclic speaker it looked good that his family stood right by his side and it makes him look like a more down to earth caring person. he thanked everyone and i felt he was sincere about it.

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