The Numbers…


November 7, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

The numbers from the campaign are OUT OF CONTROL… just take a look… (PAC = Politcal Action Committee)

Credit for this post?

Leave a comment giving your OPINION of…

`1. Whether we should allow this amount of money to be spent on elections?

2. If yes, why?

3. If no, what could that money be applied to?


18 thoughts on “The Numbers…

  1. I dont think they should be able to spend that much money when i could be put towards the deficite or the military or the economy in general.

  2. dradisek says:

    Over $2251.3 million was spent in this election. This money could have been used for the debt this country owes. I dont believe that the phone calls, emails, and ad campaigns change peoples mind on who they are voting for. That is all propaganda anyway. There should be a new constitutional law that limits the amount of money that can be spent on the election.

  3. yankeetruck says:

    I think the money should be given to Firefighters unions and police and teacher unions

  4. Olivia Carroll says:

    I don’t think they should be able to spend such massive amounts of money on elections. That money could go to other economic needs.

  5. lyssa10394 says:

    i dont think they should spend that money on elections because they could use that money for the people who lost their homes in sandy.

  6. no they shouldnt spend that much money on the elections. the money should go to more important things. it could go to the economy and job creation or it could go to the military to help our troops or to help the troops that are coming home and the vetereans.

  7. juneeeee says:

    Yes they watested a lot of money during the election. They didn’t need to spend that much money on advertising. The government could of used that money to help get out of Obamas debt, or even help Sandy towards the end.

  8. camerakid1 says:

    I do not believe that this much money should be allowed for presidential campaigns. In the state of our econmy, money of that quantity could be use for far more important issues. Things like education would be a much better fit for nearly 2 billion dollars. RIP Issue 4.

  9. Jonnita says:

    I personally dont think that they should even have to spend that much money. Its more money getting them to run they race, then help out the economy. Everybody knows that we are trillion dollars in debt, and some of that money they spent on the political races should have went to helping out our debt. But however Im glad OBAMA president again! Thats my lil homie. Hahaha.!!

  10. andyhaynes94 says:

    No i do not think they should be able to spend that much money. I think they should save that money and put it back into the gov. or give it to the citzens as a stimulous. With that much money they could almost give everybody in the U.S. 100k

  11. rcombs0530 says:

    no i dont think that they should be able to spend that much money on campaigning. the gov. should put a set amount thats equal to both partys so neither has a greater chance than the other. i think all the extra money should be invested into american companys so that they can expand, and in return giving americans thousands of new jerbs, also stimulating the economy.

  12. kaileeherder says:

    No, we shouldn’t be spending this much money on elections. The money should go towards things this country actually needs. Or, like Danielle said, the money should be put towards paying America’s debt.

  13. misspink17 says:

    I think that the vast amount of money spent on the campains is inevitable whether or not there is a legal spending limit. If the candidate’s individual campain has a spending cap, other individual campains will form to promote the candidate.

  14. The amount of money spent is way too much but it is necessary to win the popular vote. The presidential campain should only use the money that was taxed and collected from the American people to decrease the deficit as opposed to using it in the campaign trail.

  15. johnnywat says:

    There would have to be restrictions on what spending is acceptable during campaigns. Until then, politicians will spend as much money as possible to win.

  16. I do not think the millions of dollars should have been spent on ad campaigns because it was not even worth it. People know whether there a republican or a democrat and an ad is not going to make them change their mind. The economy could have used the money for other things to make the nation ten times better.

  17. serp94 says:

    i think that their should be a limit on PAC spending. the winner of the presidential election should be determined by the candidate’s merits and ideals. It should not be decided by who spends the most money to make themselves look good or defame the other candidate.

  18. angelalove23 says:

    i think that it was worth it i mean one of them were going to be our next president so either way they had to spend money to get to places or make ads. yah its alot of wasted money that could have gone to something better then that but what else were they going to do.

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