Superstorm Sandy: 11.1.12


November 1, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Update on Sandy:

Group Assignment: each group will be assigned an impact area to research.

Research: Working together you will find at least 4 separate sources showing the impact Sandy has made on your area. The information should include at least two locations (for instance: sources providing information for NYC and then Ohio).

Sources: You must have 4 and they must be reliable. NO BLOGS unless they are from educational sources or major news outlets. When documenting sources, you must include the site and the date of the article.

Documentation: On your notebook paper from yesterday and today (with notes on Sandy) you will document your sources and facts/ information you find on your area. Numbers, projections, after effects are all legit.

Share: Leave a reply or comment to this post in which you provide your area, a summary of your fact gathering (at least three substantial pieces of information) and a link to the strongest source you found. Make sure to include your group members names in the post.

Grading: Notebook paper with four sources and facts (each group members will need their own), along with notes from previous day is worth 30 points. Reply or Comment left is worth 15 points.


6 thoughts on “Superstorm Sandy: 11.1.12

  1. rhsmassmedia says:

    Sandy didn’t just impact NYC and NJ, she impacted states all along the east coast and into the midwest.


    As of wednesday nearly 6.2 million American’s were still without power in 15 states.

  2. the impact on electrical and power companies. sandy impacted power companies in good and bad ways the bad ways were that it left 640000 new yorkers with out power and other blown transformers. some of the good was that 7800 workers assisted in repairing the outages also the stock of many electrical companies traded as a higher rate in the stock exchange.
    Josh leutwyler and chris kosinski

  3. dradisek says:

    citizens feel comforatable in a crisis voting the incumbent back into office. #oliviacarroll#drad

  4. juneeeee says:

    10 to 12 feet of water flooded the hospitals basements and elevators. The power went out forcing hospital staff to evacuate the patients. Patients included four newborn babies who relied on repirators to breathe. With no power to run the respirators, each baby was carried down 9 flights of stairs while a nurse manually squeezed a bag to deliver to the baby’s lungs.

  5. Police patrol cars still patrol desolate towns affected by superstorm sandy. The NICB is trying to prevent vehicles from being fraudulently sold to people with out reports of water damage and storm damage from the storm sandy.

  6. misspink17 says:

    Impact on High School, College, and Professional Sports

    For High School, states including Conneticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts banned all athletic events taking place on Sunday. Also in New Jersey, high school football fields were completely underwater.

    On the College Level, no NCAA football games will be held until Thursday, November 1. Many college basketball teams such as those from Virginia Commonwealth University, Villanova and Virgina still maintained their practice schedule despite canceled classes.

    Professional sports were also effected. The NFL pushed back the trading deadline to November 1. NBA teams revised travel plans due to canceled air flights for season openers. On Monday night, only one NFL game was played on the west coast. Also on Monday, no NBA or NHL games were played.

    Athletic Buisness was my strongest source.

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