Randomness of the Day: 10.25.12


October 25, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

After viewing these links, leave a comment to this post with your favorite and why. 10 extra credit points will be applied to your grade.







4 thoughts on “Randomness of the Day: 10.25.12

  1. dradisek says:

    My favorite one was the “News Reporter Caught Red Handed”. It just shows even the news exagerates. ahahahahah very funny

  2. http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/21-situations-you-should-be-happy-youre-not-in

    Number 20, “Spider-Man flying out of your butt” was really funny. Especially because it actually looked like something was coming out of the baseball players butt. I do not really get why whoever was in charge of the advertisement for the Spider-Man movie would agree to have it advertised during the baseball game and how the people in charge of film producution for the game did not notice it?

  3. camerakid1 says:

    The Facebook infographic is for sure my favorite. I work for a graphic design firm, and can appreciate good design work when I see it. Hope y’all don’t think I’m a computer nerd…. Because we prefer tech-savvy!

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