Halloween & Infographics: 10.25.12


October 25, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Take out a sheet of paper. Yes, Take OUT A SHEET OF PAPER.

Google search the meaning of “Infographic”.

On your paper, place the definition of “Infographic” and explain how it is used in modern media.

Now, google search for examples of Halloween Infographics.

Find FOUR:

1. Infographic on Halloween/ Horror Movies

2. Infographic on Halloween Economics

3. Infographic on Halloween Fear/ Hauntings/ Ghosts

4. Infographic on Halloween Candy

On YOUR PAPER (that you wrote the definition of Infographic on)

– Summarize each infographic category with at least 3 important facts.

– Do this so that it makes sense to the reader.


Post the link to the BEST Halloween Infographic that you found. Do so by leaving the web address in the comment/ reply box.

When leaving the link, make sure to leave a brief description of the infographic and why it is so good in your opinion.



definition: 5 points

Summaries: 20 points

Link and Description/ Opinion: 10 points


11 thoughts on “Halloween & Infographics: 10.25.12

  1. dradisek says:


    This infograpgic used real candy to display their information. It was also eye candy, and the most eye catching.

  2. juneeeee says:

    I liked this infograph a lot because it gave tips on how to get all in the spirit in Halloween. The infograph gave tips on how to decorate your house and fun games to play

  3. http://visual.ly/trick-or-treat

    this infograph is about the how much of certain candy is bought and which candy parents like the best and will give out more. also it shows what candy kids like the most and want the most. this infograph is better than the others i found because it is colorful and appealing to the eye and it has detailed information in a flashy and creative way.

  4. misspink17 says:

    Top 10 Worlds Deadliest Horror Movie Villains


    This infographic describes the top ten most evil villians of horror film history. This is the best because the graphics greatly portray the Halloween atmosphere. Also, the infographics are very descriptive while being straight to the point. Each villain has the description of death toll, number of films starring in, why we fear them, signature look, misfortune and favorite weapon.

  5. camerakid1 says:


    I believe that this is the best infographic because it combines candy and flashy colors. I have ADHD and I’m fat, therefore, this is awesome!

  6. lyssa10394 says:


    this infographics gives you different facts about halloween like what candy children like, and costumes people choose and what retail stores percentages of how much they sell each year from this holiday.

  7. kaileeherder says:


    This infographic has interesting information on horror movies. I liked it because I didn’t know any of the facts on there until I found this website.

  8. chase says:

    This infographic is better than all the others because theres quite a few interesting things on it

  9. johnnywat says:


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