10.11.12: The Good in Reality Television (30 points)

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October 11, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Using PAPER (not a post) read the following articles and complete the assignment given.

What it Takes to make Good Reality Television:


1. How is the author of this piece a credible source?

2. How has Reality TV evolved since The Osbournes?

3. What are the key Elements to producing good quality Reality TV?

4. What is the line that stars can cross that takes away the legitimacy of the reality?

Reality TV Is a Good Thing


1. How is the author of this piece a credible source?

2. Provide a summary of three of her points that show Reality TV is a good thing. (Be specific, you can use specific shows and her rationale.)

Journal Article


Now, this is going to scare some of you. Big time. This is the type of source you all need to begin using to write papers. Lots of info and lots of big words.

Using your scanning skills:

1. Choose one of the shows mentioned in the graphic on page 3 of the article. Then, find one mention of that show, within the article, that supports it.

2. Read page 4 and summarize it into a three point summary.

3. Find a positive and negative effect of Extreme Makeover.

You will label and provide answers for the assignments on your own paper and you MUST TURN IT IN BY MONDAY, 10.15.12


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