10.5.12: Real World Contracts (15 points)


October 5, 2012 by rhsmassmedia


1. Go to the above website. It contains highlights and lowlights of MTV’s Real World contestant Contract. Read the article.

2. Think: would you be willing to subject yourself to these conditions for your 15 minutes of fame?

3. Post a Reply or Leave a Comment to this post:

    If you answered YES to #2 then explain why you would want to be a part of such a show with such a contract. Also, explain how you would use this show to build your own career.

   If you answered NO to #2 then explain what type of person, you believe, would appear on the show and sign this contract. What would drive a person to give up so much and what do you expect they want in return?


15 thoughts on “10.5.12: Real World Contracts (15 points)

  1. I wouldn’t do it, It would take somebody who just wants attention or really wants to be on TV. That’s a serious invasion of privacy, I don’t see why anybody would do that.

  2. dradisek says:

    From what the contract consists of, i would not participate on The Real World. I have watched the show and from what I see from that, I would love to participate on the show. It looks like a fun time, and you get to meet new people, and yet again get paid to do nothing.

  3. lyssa10394 says:

    I wouldn’t do it because its discriminating to your self and your life and i feel if you go on that show it’s only for attention and its very trashy. You pretty much give your whole life to this show with only a little bit of fame but really nothing good comes out of it, it seems like. just wouldnt be worth it.

  4. dumbblonde1 says:

    There’s no way you could pay me enough money to be on that show. The only type of person to be on that show would be seriously desperate for attention. You’d have to be insane and have some serious issues in your life to give producers such access to your personal life.

  5. rcombs0530 says:

    I would not ever attempt to put myself on this stupid show. i have a couple people in mind that might want to be on this show but im not aloud to point them out.

  6. from what i read in this contract i would not participate in the show. i would think some one(Danielle) that wants to be on tv and famous would exploit themselve just for their fifteen minutes of fame.

  7. kaileeherder says:

    On tv, The Real World looks like it would be really fun. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to party all summer in a new place? But after reading the contract, there is no way I would want to be on the show. I don’t see why anyone would give up so much privacy and information to be on tv for like, 2 seconds. Someone that’s desperate for any media attention they can get? probably.

  8. misspink17 says:

    I most definietly would not be a participant of this show. The contents of The Real World do not agree with my values. Additionally, I would not want to halt my life to give away my personal privacy or information without any confidence of security. The contract would have the opportunity to twist a story and harm one’s reputation.

  9. June says:

    I would have a lot of fun if I went to the Real World, but i wouldnt want them following my life for the next 5 years and you dont even get paid that much. I dont think that many people even watch it anymore. Plus, if i find a husban I wouldnt want to explain to his family I was on a stupid reality tv show.

  10. I would never agree to be on The Real World. On tv it looks like a great time but in reality it is invading your privacy and personal life. There is also alot of drama that goes on and that would be to much stress to handle. People who would appear on the show are only seeking attention and do not care what people think of them.

  11. serp94 says:

    I would not appear on this show even without the ridiculous stipulations. I think that one must be attention starved to even consider it. Also to be shown in a bad light for someone else’s entertainment is not anything I would want. Nothing could be kept private and i would have no protection, or right to legal recourse in the case of rape, std’s, or death. As unappealing as it was to go on this show before i read the contract, these things made it just plain irresponsible to do so.

  12. Before I read the contract, I thought it would be a fun experience to be on the Real World. After I read the contract, I changed my mind completely. I had no idea the contract would be so detailed and specific. Why would someone willingly want to sign a contract knowing they could possibly get AIDS? That’s messed up! Even for the money it is not worth it.

  13. I would never even consider doing that. Theres no money worth giving the producers total access to your personal life including your tax records and government forms. The stipulations are just all kinds of ridiculous especially the one that says no background checks are done so your roomate could be a complete phsycho.

  14. angelalove23 says:

    okay if you want to go on the show and have fun, become “famous” then your going to follow the rules. When i think of this show i think of trashy people on it and i wouldnt want to go on it and have everyone see it. its so embarassing on yourself!!!! i And i especially wouldnt want to follow the stupid rules that they want to have.

  15. camerakid1 says:

    There is no way I would go on the show. There is much more creative ways of getting attention then acting like a clown, and having your privacy invaded. The show is demeaning to one’s character. If you want attention that bad, just get your hair cut like mine, instant conversation starter.

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