10.5.12: Randomness


October 5, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Once you complete the two other 10.5.12 assignments, take a look at these news articles…




You are not being graded on this, BUT you might find one or two funny or even interesting. PLUS, you will be doing similar blog posts in the future…


One thought on “10.5.12: Randomness

  1. Jonnita says:

    I think that Romney is a fool. Your cutting children programs because were barrowing money from china. That’s sooo stupid, it’sBut he getting that check tho! ridiculous. Your cutting some of the only education that a lot of kids actually learn from. How that’s going to make you look. Just like a ratchet person would do. Shaking my head. Hating on Big Bird.

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