9.28.2012 Blog Response: Weird News Stories (15 points)


September 28, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

Choose one of the following news stories.




Click on the link.

Read the article.

LEAVE A COMMENT on this post as to which one you read and your opinion of the new story.

THEN… Create a blog post on your blog and share the link to the news story you read.


12 thoughts on “9.28.2012 Blog Response: Weird News Stories (15 points)

  1. I think that some stuff on Google Earth is government property and if we aren’t allowed to see it from the ground, we shouldn’t be allowed to see it from the air.

  2. http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_medina/brunswick-80s-guy-is-a-local-walking-celebrity

    the “80’s” guy in brunswick ohio is just doing what he loves he isnt trying to conform to society and he is being who he wants to be. yes he loves the attentionbut overall it doesnt matter what other people think it is what he loves and he is free to do it as he wants.

  3. juneeeee says:

    The article about the bagel forehead made me sick, that is so gross looking but every country has different styles and trends.

  4. Rachel Vadaj says:

    I read the story Brunswick ’80s guy is a local celebrity who gets recognized for walking everywhere in Medina County from http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_medina/brunswick-80s-guy-is-a-local-walking-celebrity#ixzz27leAu185
    I enjoyed how this story captures a local spirit. The news chose to support a local who has clealy made an impact on the everyday lives of his community members. My third thought on this report was that it was a cheerful piece that may uplift the hearts of a relatively sad and tragic world of depressing news.

  5. serp94 says:

    I read the google earth link. If the government is blurring out specific locations then it is probably for good reason. I expect the Gov. to have clandestine information and it does not bother me.

  6. yankeetruck says:

    I read the Bagel head article. I honestly think its gross not wrong but gross.

  7. johnnywat says:

    I read the google earth story. When anyone in the world has access to the world at their fingertips, it could end up being dangerous. You never know what people could be using the maps for, so it makes sense that important areas are blurred or removed.

  8. kaileeherder says:

    I read the article about the facial injections in Japan. Personally, I would never get bagel-shaped injections in my forehead. But as long as the injections aren’t harmful, feel free to get as many as you want.

  9. lyssa10394 says:

    the 80’s guy from Brunswick isn’t hurting anyone hasn’t done anything wrong thats just his style and he should be able to wear what ever makes him feel comfortable. We have a few people around here that look some what like that even though we think it might not be normal we still except them because most people who are different like that are usually always nice and different is always good. How boring would it be if we lived in a world where everyone looked the same.

  10. angelalove23 says:

    i read the injections article. this has got to be one of the stupidest and ugliest trends ive ever seen. why in the world would anyone wanna do this. like i get that everyone has there own taste in fashion and all but this is just ridiculous how could they look into the mirror and be like ‘wow i look hot.’

  11. andyhaynes94 says:

    i read the article about google maps beening blurred i think that only certain gov. locations should be blurred just for protection from terror but that is the only reason something should be blurred everything else should be able to view.

  12. camerakid1 says:

    I read the google maps article. Personally I have no issue with what they are doing. The Gov. is going to do what they want to do, and there is nothing I can do about it!

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