9.27.2012 Personal Response (10 Points)


September 26, 2012 by rhsmassmedia

If you pretend something for long enough, can it become the truth?

You need to prove this.

LEAVE A COMMENT to this post that provides a concrete example of this. It can be an actual example or a hypothetical example. You may search the web for examples and you may leave links to other sites as your examples. Think outside of the box.


19 thoughts on “9.27.2012 Personal Response (10 Points)

  1. dradisek says:

    no, a lie will remain a lie no matter what

  2. Using Hitler as an example, he wanted there to be a master race. Creating a lie in his head that there was actually a “perfect race”. He was dead set on making that become the truth, making himself believe that he could do it. But no matter what a lie is a lie.

  3. dradisek says:

    yesterday we created a “fake” peprally. We pretended it, and it did become real.

  4. Olivia Carroll says:

    It’s possible. Sayy you’re pretending to be dating channing tatum, then he asks you out one day and you fall in love. happy ever after. 😉

  5. we had a pep rally yesterday that was really just a lie. we staged this fake “pep rally” for fox 8 news to make it seem like we had more school spirit that we really did. as it was going on more and more people showed up and we turned the fake rally into a real one. it started off as a lie but it became the truth after a while

  6. juneeeee says:

    Yes, if you lie to your parents or someone you know and have to keep a lie a secret for a long time you soon start to believe that lie.

  7. Jessica Bertino says:

    I think if you pretend something for a long period of time it is possible that it come become the truth, but it depends on the situation and the details of it.

  8. Rachel Vadaj says:

    Often,the social definition of the truth may be the story more people may believe. Everyone has their own publist-even if it may be themself. If one were to tell a lie, people may believe that lie as the truth. If that one person were to convince others that the lie they are telling is the truth, then people will believe it to be the truth. It may not make it the moralistically right thing to do, but it can be done.

  9. rcombs0530 says:

    Yes, if you pretend for so long you will start to believe yourself. For example that one person who you know that argues with everything you say, and they are always right, and they always have the best way to do something and your idea is automatically crap. yup those are the people

  10. lyssa10394 says:

    yes. so say if you pretend to be someone else, your personality can take over and you can fool people into believing it and they will start to believe and so will you.

  11. angelalove23 says:

    Yes and No. If i pretend ima blonde and everyone thinks ima blonde i dye my hair and everything, that doesnt make me a real blonde, But then theres times where u can pretend u have a dog for awhile then u actually get a dog well now the lie became the truth.

  12. chase says:

    Yes if you hear something thats atotal lie butit sounds trueto you and you have no info on it eventually youll completely beleive its true

  13. kaileeherder says:

    You can tell a lie, and get a lot of other people to believe it. But that doesn’t make it the truth. Like what angelalove23 said, you can dye your hair blonde, and get everyone to think you’re a blonde, but deep down you know you’re just a brunette with a box of hair dye.

  14. serp94 says:

    If you live a lie for long enough you might begin to believe it yourself. The lie will never actually become real and you will end up tangled in a web of lies.

  15. andyhaynes94 says:

    i think a lie will always be a lie no matter how long you say it or what it is about

  16. camerakid1 says:

    Sure it can. I keep telling myself I have an Amish haircut. I find myself not shaving or using my cell phone as much.

  17. johnnywat says:

    If you play something off as the truth for a long time, eventually you could believe it.

  18. If you believe a lie long enough, eventually it will become the truth to you. The more you believe, the harder it is to believe reality then.

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